Secret Intention Single Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet

$ 139.00 USD

  • The Secret Intention sterling silver bracelet is for you if:

    • You are ready to say YES to your deepest intention to attract more calm and balance into your life
    • You want a subtle way to reflect away any negative energies that may surround you
    • You are ready to receive all that The Universe has in store for you, ready for YOU and waiting to be unlocked by YOU

    Beautiful round beads of genuine sterling silver are strung onto a sturdy, stainless steel wire that stretches to fit over your wrist and retracts to hug your wrist in one single loop.

    It won’t break like other brand bracelets made using stretchy elastic!

    A sterling silver disc dangles from one end of the bracelet with the word 'yes' engraved on one side and your secret intention engraved just for you no the opposite side.  You can choose from a variety of intentions or choose a custom intention up to 8 letters/digits. 

    For a custom intention, write your intention in the notes section at checkout.  Be sure to write it exactly as you want it engraved, including proper case and the correct spelling.


    Every piece is carefully made with love, smudged of any negative energy with white sage, and programmed with the highest intention of abundance for your good and the good of All.


    You will receive your jewelry in a luxe gift box that contains everything you need to get started harnessing the innate power of the crystals in your Merry Alchemy jewelry:  instructions on how to cleanse and program your piece, a small bundle of white sage so that you can cleanse your piece regularly, a natural muslin bag to store your piece that will protect your bracelet and the positive energy you pour into it, as well as information on the special, metaphysical properties of each crystal in the jewelry you have purchased.


    To make the most of your Secret Intention sterling silver bracelet with the goal of bringing forth your intention into reality, read through the online tips we provide for free under the LEARN TO MANIFEST tab on the main menu. New resources are added all the time with the goal of supporting you to manifest your best life.

  • The silver used in the Secret Intention sterling silver bracelet have innate calming, protecting, and balancing vibrations and were picked specifically for this purpose.

    Sterling Silver

    • Reflects away negativity or evil intentions
    • Amplifies the energies of surrounding crystals and vibrations
    • Contains calming and balancing properties

      Note that the use of these stones in our jewelry is not meant to be a replacement for medical treatment. It is meant only as a guide to changing one's energetic vibration for the manifestation of one's intentions.

    • Sizes

      • Small: for wrists up to 6 inches
      • Regular: for wrists from 6 inches to 8 inches
    • The Secret Intention sterling silver bracelet alone will not magically bring your intention to your doorstep! When it is properly programmed by you, though, its innate vibration for drawing in peace and ease will elevate your own energetic vibration, aiding you in aligning with your intention so that you may receive it (or something better) into your life as you take focused action.  
    • Want to say no to the status quo?  It's time to do something different!  Let's do this:

      • 1. Purchase a Secret Intention sterling silver bracelet
      • 2. Read the instructions that you receive with your jewelry shipment. The instructions explain how to prepare your jewelry energetically to maximize its manifesting mojo for you.
      • 3. Check out the resources on the Eos & Alchemy website.  This additional information is geared to support you as you work towards bringing forth your intention into reality.
      • 4. Take inspired action! Nothing will change for the better unless you DO something about it.