Wife. Mama.

Devourer of books.

Aspiring Mixologist.

Baker and Baker Avoidant (depending on what the scale says)

Self-improvement junkie.

Addicted to my dreams (and Starbucks)



Merry Alchemy's Ethos

I’m Lisa Walbridge (Scuccimarra if my husband is reading...), founder of Merry Alchemy, a jewelry brand that seeks to make every day beautiful for its customers.

Are you a busy mom who just wants something effortless and pretty to wear with your daily uniform (aka yoga pants) so that you feel really good? Or maybe you are looking to mark special occasions with keepsakes to show the women in your life how much you love and appreciate them? 

Merry Alchemy is here for those very reasons.

And separately, but maybe most importantly, if you feel like you've lost your purpose or put your dreams on a shelf, I want my work to inspire you to dust off those beautiful dreams and bring them to reality. 

I have learned how to live my most beautiful life and I want that for you, too.


What does it mean to be a mindful daydreamer?

I often call myself a 'mindful daydreamer', so I wanted to tell you what I mean by that. To me, a mindful daydreamer is a romantic at heart who wants to make the most out of her life while also taking the time to stop and smell the roses.  She appreciates the beauty of the past. 

Her feet are grounded firmly in the clouds. 

She dreams big and feeds her mind with the knowledge she needs to grow into her best self.  She understands that she is the deliberate creator of her reality.

Here at Merry Alchemy, everything I create is meant to do two things: support you in achieving your biggest dreams and conjure a connection to a world of beauty and romance that you can access through my jewelry to bring you joy (because joy is the fertilizer for growing dreams into reality!). 


How Merry Alchemy can help you.

Do vibrant colors, flowers, and vintage-inspired designs that hearken back to earlier times (think garden parties, afternoon tea, and romance) bring you joy? 


Do you want a meaningful piece of jewelry handcrafted with crystals imbued with energies that can assist you in achieving your dreams? 


 Do you have a loved one for whom you would like to gift a personalized, meaningful piece of jewelry that will bring them joy, let them know how much they are loved, and inspire them to live their most blooming-ful life?


Do you want to create a more beautiful life for yourself?  You can learn how to effortlessly create your own reality and start mindfully daydreaming today by downloading this free guide.  Just click on the photo below!


I'm looking forward to mindfully daydreaming with you!  See you in the clouds. ;)



Wanna know more?

I grew up in eastern Massachusetts but left my cah in Hahvad yahd to go live in the idyllic Hudson Valley with my handsome, brilliant husband.  We have a daughter who delights us daily and tires us nightly, but it's worth every second.



I started out my grown-up life as an architect, then became a sixth-grade math and science teacher for a few years.  Then for ten years, I helped to make the world a safer place through my work as a senior engineering program manager for a company that designs and manufactures chemical identification devices that help law enforcement groups protect their officers and the public from harmful materials, as well as identify counterfeit drugs all over the world. 

As a hobby, I began making jewelry many years ago.  In 2010, I turned that growing passion into a business with a brand called Merry Alchemy.  I wanted to make pieces that were more than just a pretty accessory, something that would inspire others.  My desire to inspire and delight through my jewelry continues to fuel my creative process Every. Day.

I love Stephen King novels and Hallmark movies in equal measure.  I am known in my immediate family as The Ice Cream Queen for good reason.  September through December is my favorite time of year.  I firmly believe the smell of my little girl when I kiss the top of her head should be bottled and marketed as Mommy Crack

The Universe has conspired in my favor and for that I feel truly grateful.

Still wanna know more?

(Woot!  I have lots more to share with you.)

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