How can intention jewelry help me manifest my dreams?

Merry Alchemy is intention jewelry that empowers women to focus on a deep desire and inspires them to take action to manifest that dream using the power of crystal gemstones.

Intention jewelry can help us to achieve our dreams in different ways.  Just wearing it on a regular basis serves as a reminder of the intentions we have set for ourselves.  It is very easy to set a goal and then forget about it. 

 Believe me, I know.  Been there.  Done that. 

Daily life takes over and we tend to do the same things day in and day out.  We need to be reminded during the course of our ordinary days that there is something meaningful and important to us that we need to focus on and tend to.  When we keep our intention at the forefront of our mind, we start to notice opportunities and take actions that we wouldn’t otherwise.

Intention jewelry can also help us to stay focused on the intention we set and to bring that intention to fruition by helping us to align ourselves with what it is we want.  The Law of Attraction states that we draw into our lives that which we think about the most and feel most strongly on a regular basis.  Look at your present situation and you will see the results of your thoughts and feelings displayed before you.  If you want something that you don’t currently have in your life then you need to align yourself with that desire.  You need to change your energetic vibration to match that which you want.  Wearing the appropriate crystal jewelry can help you to achieve that vibrational alignment.  Each crystal, by nature of its physical properties like crystalline structure, color, and texture, has its own unique vibration.  For instance, rose quartz holds a vibration of love.  So if it is love that you seek, you should strive to raise your vibration to the frequency of giving and receiving love.  Wearing rose quartz, which contains this vibration, can help you to achieve that alignment. 

The individual components of each Merry Alchemy piece have been carefully selected for the purpose of creating high vibrational jewelry for a variety of intentions.  Under each product description you can find a detailed list of the materials used and the energetic properties of each element. 

Merry Alchemy is dedicated to supporting you as you work to achieve your dreams.  We recognize that simply wearing a piece of jewelry does not, in and of itself, cause dreams to become reality.  We know, though, that with guidance, education, practice, and focused intention, you can harness the hidden power within the crystals of your Merry Alchemy jewelry and manifest all that you intend.  Under the Learn to Manifest tab on the main menu, you can find a variety of resources for helping you to make the most of your Merry Alchemy jewelry, tips, and resources for learning how to manifest all that you want (and even better!).

Manifesting anything takes practice.  But it also takes understanding the forces that keep us stuck where we are.  If you are not manifesting everything you want in your life right now, then you will want to start by downloading Merry Alchemy’s FREE Guide:  The One Key to Manifesting All That You Want (and the 5 steps to start making it happen TODAY).

Making your dreams come true never looked so good.