Crystals have unique structures, colors, and combinations of materials that combine to create their 'crystal personality'.  All crystals emit an energetic vibration that coincides with their personality.  Choosing crystals whose vibration is on a frequency (for instance, an abundance frequency) that you wish to align with will help you to attract more of that into your life.  Below is a list of crystals used in Eos & Alchemy jewelry and just some of their many metaphysical attributes.  To learn more about how to harness the energies of these stones to help you bring your intentions into reality, click here.


AMAZONITE – If you are a big stress ball, you will want to welcome amazonite into your world.  Its innate energies are stress relieving and dispel negative energy.  In addition to its calming, blue-green hue that is just breathtakingly beautiful, it allows you to see both sides of a situation.  So if you are in conflict with yourself or someone else over an issue, amazonite will help to alleviate it.  Overall, this crystal alleviates worry and fear and calms the nervous system. 


APATITE – If you want to enhance your health and wellbeing, Apatite can be very useful.  It increases energy reserves and motivation, as well as the metabolism.  It also dispels negative energy you may have about yourself, which is key to aligning your thoughts and feelings with a healthier you.  To BE healthier you need to feel the feelings of being healthy NOW. 


AQUAMARINE – It can be our judgment of other people and situations that often keeps us in a negative space and aquamarine, with its peaceful energy, can help you to reverse that mentality.  Aquamarine is a stone of stress-reduction and calming.  It helps to alleviate overwhelm.  It can also help you to break free of those self-limiting beliefs that have held you back in life.


BLACK ONYX – if you are trying to get healthy and/or push yourself to achieve physical goals, then think of black onyx as your personal trainer.  Not only will it work to banish any negativity you may have, it will help you to maintain the physical stamina you need to meet your goals.  Add a generous dose of increased self-esteem in the mix, as well!


BLUE-GREEN JASPER (AFRICAN TURQUOISE) – this is a gorgeous stone that ranges from green with black veins to turquoise blue.  It is an emotion-balancer and eases aggravation.  Also, if you find yourself frazzled because your life is disorganized and you can’t seem to get anything done because you are juggling so many different things, you want African Turquoise in your corner to help promote your organizational abilities and to assist you with follow-through.


CITRINE – Oh, citrine!  This one is an abundance-attracting rock star.  Besides being a beautiful, sparkly stone, this crystal soothes fear and anxiety, allowing you to be open to receive wonderful things into your life.  Moreover, it strengthens your imagination so that you can powerfully visualize the intention you wish to manifest.  If you are in need of motivation, wear or use citrine.


GROSSULAR GARNET – garnet is a fantastic stone to help you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, roll up your sleeves, and face your challenges rather than be defeated by them.  Grossular garnet, in particular, with its range of hues from yellow to green to dark red, is a great crystal for attracting abundance.


GREEN AVENTURINE – this is another abundance-attracting powerhouse.  If it is money and prosperity you seek, wear or use green aventurine.  It also has metaphysical properties that boost self-confidence, helping you to be ready to seize the opportunities that you attract.  Not only that, the crystal contains energy-amplifying quartz, making it a powerful wealth magnet.  Cha-Ching.


HEMATITE – if you want a self-confidence boost, then you want hematite in your corner.  What’s better than loving yourself NOW, as you are?  But if it’s change you are looking for, this powerhouse crystal contains energy that can give you that extra infusion of willpower you need to achieve your goals.


HOWLITE (WHITE) – Do you find yourself snapping at the people you love?  Do you toss and turn at night and take out your frustrations on your pillow?  Then try white howlite.  It absorbs anger, soothes the mind which allows for better sleep, and it promotes patience.


IOLITE – this is a powerful stone for freeing yourself from addictions.  Iolite can help you to understand the cause of your addiction and aid you in letting it go. 


MOSS AGATE – this dark green stone is a money-attracting crystal, plain and simple, helping you to manifest money and abundance in all areas of your life.  It has the added benefit of releasing blocks that are holding you back, so that you can be your best, creative self.  Moreover, it enhances energy, so that your inspired action can be more fruitful.


PERUVIAN PINK OPAL – this is a delicate, pink stone that, aptly, exudes energies of love and gentleness.  It emits an energy of kindness, which is good for all kinds of relationships including romantic ones.  Its gentle energy is also good for healing wounds of the heart.


QUARTZ – this power crystal is the quintessential energy amplifier.  It increases the energy of other crystals around it, heightening their strength.  Quartz also serves as a balancing crystal, attuning itself to your intention when you program it.


ROSE QUARTZ – this is the quintessential love crystal, and it is appropriately pink in color.  Not only does it emit a strong love energy to its surroundings, but it vibrates with unconditional love.  As such, it can help you to heal relationship problems.  It will also help you to focus your energy on self-love.


RHODONITE – this pinkish hued stone is an emotion-balancer which fosters forgiveness and reconciliation if you are having relationship problems.  I’ve heard it said that when you are angry or frustrated with someone else it’s because they reflect something inside you that you need to address.  Rhodonite can help to mitigate wrong placement of blame on a partner for that which is an internal issue inside yourself.  Moreover, it stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra so that you can be open to love.


RHODOCHROSITE – If you are in search of a life partner or soulmate, then you will want to adorn yourself with Rhodochrosite.  It is a healing stone, if you are feeling unloved.  If you are feeling unloveable or unloved, then you will continue to attract more of the same.  In order to bring a soulmate into your life, you need to align NOW with the thoughts and feelings that you expect to feel when your partner is in your life.  Rhodochrosite can help you align with those thoughts and emotions.  And it has the added bonus of encouraging passionate, physical love.  Yowsa. 


SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN – Obsidian is an extremely powerful stone (the result of molten lava that cools before it has a chance to crystallize) and, as such, it must be treated with care and respect.  Snowflake Obsidian, with its mottled black and white hues, is a gentler form of obsidian.  Obsidian is an absorber of negative energy, so it should be cleansed often.  It can also bring up negative emotions from deep within, which then need to be dealt with.  This is one of the reasons you should take care when using obsidian.  However, once dealt with, you can rest assured that those emotional blockages are gone for good.  Snowflake Obsidian, in particular, is a good stone for helping you to identify ingrained patterns of behavior.


STERLING SILVER - sterling silver is the metal of the moon.  It's reflectivity enhances the energies of the crystals surrounding it as well as reflects away negativity or evil intentions.  It has calming and balancing energies.