jewelry for the mindful daydreamer

Eos & Alchemy Secret Intention Jewelry

Secret Intention jewelry is a unique collection of personalized bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that represent your deepest intention. 

With the YES style, outwardly, you are saying YES to your intention with a sterling silver engraved disc that is attached to a bracelet or chain.  On the opposite side of the disc is your engraved intention, facing inward and therefore a secret to everyone around you.  You can pick from our list of intentions or create your own custom intention.

With the simple, cluster, and stack styles, you are saying YES inwardly to yourself and to the Universe.  Every time you look at, feel, or touch your piece of E&A jewelry, your intention is right there, too.

Secret Intention jewelry is meant to be worn daily to remind you often of your intention and to help you maintain your focus as you work towards your dreams.  The crystals in your jewelry are also selected to metaphysically match the vibration of your intention to enhance effectiveness of making your dream come true. 

Purchasing and wearing Secret Intention jewelry is your way of telling the Universe that what you want is more than just a desire or a daydream.  It’s real and you intend to create it for yourself.