Why do crystals and other natural materials need to be cleansed of negative energy?

All things that exist on this earth are made up of pure energy.  Crystals, people, natural objects, synthetic objects – each is made up of billions of molecules.  As we interact with other objects, we exchange energy.  The environment interacts with all objects, as well.  Electromagnetic fields, electrical fields, elements like fire, water, air, and earth all impose their energy on objects, thereby changing the vibration of all things they touch.

In addition, all objects on earth contain their own distinct vibration.  For instance, rose quartz (because of its unique crystalline structure and color) holds a vibration of love.  Over time, negative energies from other objects and the environment can cloud this pure energy of love and weaken its vibration. To restore that energetic vibration of love, the rose quartz must be cleansed.

Your Merry Alchemy jewelry will absorb energy over time as you use it.  You will need to periodically clear away any negative energy.  Do this when your piece starts to feel heavier and less powerful.  If you are wearing your jewelry daily, then cleanse it often.  There are many ways to cleanse your jewelry.  One of the best ways is to smoke cleanse it with a sustainable smoke cleansing bundle.

  • Light a smoke cleansing bundle over a fireproof dish
  • Extinguish any flames. Encourage smoke by waving your hand or a feather back and forth over the bundle
  • Pass your jewelry piece through the smoke at least 7 times or until you feel that the piece is clear of all negative energy

Here are some other easy ways that you can cleanse your jewelry if you don’t have white sage or if you just prefer to use a different method:

Moon Soak

Put your jewelry on a windowsill (inside) or somewhere in your home where it can soak in the light of the moon. Leave your jewelry there for 24-48 hours.  I recommend that you remove your jewelry during the day when sunlight will hit it as some crystals can fade in sunlight.  This method serves not only to cleanse your jewelry of any negative energy, but it will also energize your jewelry.

Rice Soak

Put dry rice (can be any kind) into a shallow bowl and nestle your jewelry on top of it. The rice will absorb any negative energy in the jewelry.  Soak your jewelry for 24 hours and be sure to throw away the rice after you are done.

Sound Soak

Put your jewelry onto a tray or plate nearby a crystal singing bowl. Play the bowl for several minutes.  The beautiful sound that it emits will eradicate any negative energy from your jewelry.  The extra benefit to this type of cleansing is that it also cleanses the room you are in and anything in the vicinity of the singing bowl.

Soil Soak

Put your jewelry into a protective, natural material like cotton, wool, or silk. Bury it in soil that you know is free of fertilizers and other chemicals.  Check the weather before you do this so that you don’t put your jewelry into wet soil or soil that becomes very wet from rain.  Make sure that you mark the location so you don’t lose your jewelry!  Let the jewelry soak in the soil for 24-48 hours. 



Once you cleanse your piece of any lingering negative energy, you will want to energize/re-energize it.  Energizing objects involves raising its vibration to a higher level so that its innate qualities become that much more potent.  There are many ways to energize gemstones, but energizing by moonlight is the safest for maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the piece.

  • Check the moon cycle for the time period in which you are doing the energizing. You want to make sure that moonrise is occurring during the nighttime hours
  • Put your jewelry on a windowsill away from the elements of the outdoors where you know it will be touched by moonlight
  • Allow your piece to soak in the moonlight overnight
  • You may do this two nights in a row if you wish, but be sure to remove your piece during the day so that it does not fade in the sunlight
  • Even better if you can soak your piece in the moonlight of a full moon
  • Put a reminder in your calendar to soak your jewelry in the moonlight during the Summer and Winter Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes each year. This is by far the most powerful moonlight with which to energize your jewelry

While you can energize your jewelry by leaving it on a windowsill (indoors) to soak in the sunlight, we don’t recommend doing so with Eos & Alchemy jewelry because certain crystals will fade in sunlight.  Crystals like aquamarine, citrine, and amethyst fall into this category, all of which are prevalent in our jewelry.



Dedicating your Merry Alchemy jewelry is all about protecting it from absorbing outside negative energy.  Dedication also serves to jumpstart the innate vibration and energy of your piece.  Dedication should be done immediately after cleansing and energizing are complete.

  • Find a quiet location where you can be present for this activity
  • Hold your E&A jewelry piece in your left hand and bring it to your heart
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to get to a place of calm and focus
  • With your eyes still closed, focus on the piece in your hand. Feel its vibration and energy.  Feel it radiate up your arm and into your whole body.
  • Imagine a bright, white light surrounding your piece, coming from above, protecting it and infusing it with positive energy and light
  • Let that light spread to envelope you, too, so you and your jewelry are both nestled within this positive light
  • Feel yourself fill with love, positivity, and protectiveness. Radiate those feelings outward into the jewelry in your hand
  • Speak the following dedication three times or more, until you feel the dedication is complete. State this, or your own, dedication (in your mind or aloud) and try to convey the meaning of your words into the jewelry

“I dedicate this jewelry to henceforth be used for the highest good of all with the best and purest of intentions.  May this jewelry be imbued with only the purest and finest of energies and be used only with Love and Light in mind.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Let it be so.”



After you cleanse, energize, and dedicate your jewelry it is time to program it for a specific intention.  In programming your jewelry, you are focusing its innate energy specifically on your stated intention, thereby aiding you in its fulfillment.  Before you begin, be sure to decide on a specific intention.  If your intention is too vague, your jewelry energy may get confused and its energy will not be channeled in the direction you would like it to go.  Don’t be too specific, either.  Leave your intention open to be fulfilled in ways you may not now comprehend by adding “…or something better” to the end of your stated intention.

For example, you may have purchased the Abundance bracelet with the secret intention of wealth.  Wealth is a broad intention.  It will serve as a reminder to you of what you want in your life.  For the purposes of programming your jewelry, however, you want to be more specific in your intention.  For instance, ‘I want to be debt free by the end of the year…or something better’ is a specific intention that is the first step in achieving real wealth.


Steps for programming your jewelry:

  • Have your specific intention in mind and ready to state aloud
  • Again, find both a physical and mental space that is free of distraction
  • Hold your jewelry in your hands and gaze at it with the goal of establishing a connection to it
  • Feel the energy of your jewelry piece radiating outwards and focus on sensing this energy and taking it in, accepting it into your mind. Let its energy intertwine with your own
  • Think about your intention and how you will feel when you fulfill it. Keep this emotion present as you state your intention aloud.  Let the intention and the feeling behind it sink into the jewelry
  • Repeat this last step as many times as you need to in order to feel that your jewelry is fully programmed
  • If you change or modify your intention, you will want to reprogram it with your new intention after cleansing, energizing, and dedicating it again

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