The hidden power of crystals

The use of crystals for healing and for amplifying personal vibrational energy is not “new age”.  Crystals and minerals themselves have been here on Earth for billions of years, since the Earth was born.  Many early civilizations across the globe (separately) used crystals in many of the same, intuitive ways, including in jewelry and talismans for the purposes of protection, healing, and good fortune.  Crystals are not inert objects.  They, like all things on this Earth, contain and emit their own distinct vibration.  For instance, rose quartz (in part because of its unique crystalline structure, texture, and color) is known to hold a vibration of love.  Crystals contain, absorb, and are conduits of energy.  Today, even in modern society, the power of crystals is harnessed in modern technological inventions like quartz watches and solar cells.

What’s more, crystals (encompassing minerals, stones, rocks…) are fascinating to many children.  A plain rock can hold hours of fascination for a child, let alone a rock that, when opened, reveals the inner sparkling beauty of a geode.  There is something familiar about crystals, something deemed by many as innately valuable, powerful, and knowing.

The purpose of Merry Alchemy jewelry is to be a conduit of transformation, using the same ways that have been used by many cultures for thousands of years.  Merry Alchemy is beautiful, delicately designed yet robustly handmade intention jewelry.  It empowers women to focus on a deep desire and inspires them to take action in order to manifest their dreams into reality using the timeless power of crystal gemstones.