3 Ways to Remember Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List This Year

November 11, 2019

3 Ways to Remember Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List This Year

Have you ever had the horrific feeling of realizing (too late) that you forgot to get a Christmas gift for Auntie Susan, your hairdresser, or even the second wife of your husband’s ex-coworker?  You either show up empty-handed, rush out to grab something last minute, or worse – the dirty six letter word of the holiday season…REGIFT!  Awwwwkward! 

Good news! I have 3 ways to foolproof your holiday shopping to ensure that you don’t get caught gift-less this holiday season!


Write down a list of cool gifts that you can keep on-hand for use in an emergency and purchase them in November. Think bottles of your favorite inexpensive wine, small denomination gift cards, soy candles, your favorite room spray, or something unique like these little flower earrings.


glossy white resin flower earrings

 The Single Bloom Flower Studs come in over 20 colors!




Talk to your close family and friends to get the juices flowing for who you may need to buy for this year beyond the obvious mom, dad, and kids. Does your husband have an admin, business associates, boss, or maybe even his brother’s new wife’s daughter from a previous marriage?  The more obscure relationships are the ones you are more likely to forget.  Who are your friends buying for?  That may remind you who you need to buy for, as well.



Start your list NOW. Once the holiday shopping frenzy starts, you’ll probably already be knee-deep in everything from decorating to party planning, and of course Hallmark Christmas Movie watching!  Instead of letting the potential stress and extra demands of the season overtake you, sit down and write out all the info you got from your family and friends and any new ideas that popped up.  At this point, don’t worry about WHAT you should buy, just think about WHO you need to buy for. Just get it out on paper.  Or better yet…


Download my free Done For You Holiday Gift Shopping Checklist.  It already contains every possible type of person (or pet!) you may need to buy for with places to make notes for gift ideas, and even an area for budgeting and tracking how much you’ve spent on each gift.  


Happy list-making and happy shopping!

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