My Birthday Live Full List

September 06, 2022

My Birthday Live Full List

I think we usually do our life reckonings at the end of the calendar year when we take stock of what we accomplished during the previous year and make resolutions for what we want to do in the coming year. Recently, one of my favorite LOA gurus, Jeannette Maw (aka The Good Vibe Coach), brought up the idea of birthdays as a way to mark a year. She noted that most of us grown-ups minimize our birthdays, saying that “it’s just another day” or “Nah, there’s no need to do anything special”. Jeannette tells us that we should celebrate ourselves on our birthdays because we are teaching others and The Universe how we want to be treated! Our birthday is OUR day.  It’s our day to treat ourselves, feel really good about ourselves, and celebrate our unique life. Jeannette went on to say that it’s important for attracting the life we want to kick off a new year of life with the things that make us most happy. That will set the tone for the new year.

 I’m especially taking this advice to heart today, my 49th birthday because it’s a seminal year for me. It’s hard for me to say (let alone believe) that this year will mark a half-century of living on this planet. So today, as I sit alone with the dog at my feet, pouring rain outside, I’m doing what I most love to do – think, plan, and sip a delicious cup of coffee.

 I want my 50th year to be the best year yet. I want to set myself up for a kick-ass second half-century. So here's my 50th year Live Full List (I’m not a fan of the term ‘bucket list’). I may not accomplish all of it this year, but it’s a framework to which I can refer for years to come. I divided it into sections with overarching themes. What is on your birthday year Live Full List? Comment below!


 Get strong and keep moving

  • Create an improved morning routine that includes Betty Rocker
  • Keep up my current walking average of 4.7miles per day and work to increase that to 5
  • Learn to feel comfortable in my own skin (it’s only been 49 years, this takes time lol)
  • Stretch at night
  • Explore energy medicine and try out some new techniques

Relish my connections

  • Continue to laugh with Kris and Hadley on a regular basis
  • Continue to read aloud to Hadley every night
  • Reinstitute date nights with Kris
  • Make space for my friendships
  • Take Hadley on mama/daughter dates

Find peace within myself

  • Meditate more consistently
  • Create a daily mindset practice (I’m very sporadic with this)
  • Be my own cheerleader
  • Feel all my feelings
  • Tap and forgive

 Be of service

  • Be open to opportunities to help others without fear
  • Be grateful every day
  • Be the best Sunday School teacher I can be
  • Be more intentional about modeling generosity for Hadley
  • Be more empathetic and compassionate toward others

Feed my brain

  • Continue to read, read, read
  • Learn how to really use and interpret tarot cards
  • Learn how to make soap
  • Attend an in-person transformational seminar
  • Learn how to edit videos
  • Learn more about angels and guides
  • Finally, finish The Last Castle which I’ve been reading for years lol (love it, but it’s not on my kindle!)
  • Learn how to make smoke cleansing bundles with herbs, dried flowers, and crystals
  • Finally, learn how to apply eyeshadow properly

Feed my spirit

  • Get Reiki certified
  • Explore crystal healing on a deeper level
  • Be more present in nature
  • Finally learn how to separate what I do from who I am
  • Be less judgmental of me and others

Have loads of fun

  • Celebrate 50 with Kris and Hadley in London
  • Take a tour of Buckingham Palace
  • Go to afternoon tea somewhere fancy
  • Visit Legoland
  • Take some day trip adventures

Beautify Our Space

  • Hang some art
  • Make bedroom cozy
  • Get a new front door
  • Hang a wreath on the new front door!
  • Paint our front porch
  • Make our front porch a pretty and comfortable outdoor room
  • Draw plans for our backyard renovation

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